Bachelor and Master

Most of our courses are taught in the language of the literatures we study. We support comprehensive programmes in any of the languages Dutch, French, English, German, Greek (including Modern Greek), Italian, Latin, Spanish, and Swedish. Information about our courses is to be found in the UGent programme catalogue and at (this last one in Dutch only at the moment, sorry). Our students are trained in both linguistics and literary studies. Staff members from both fields collaborate in the separate language "sections" that can be reached via the menu on the left.

Advanced Master

The Department of Literary Studies coordinates the Master Program in American Studies (MAAS). (no intake of new students for '16-'17, however)

We are also partners in the interuniversity Advanced Master in Literary Studies (coordinated in Louvain)


The structure of our doctoral training programme is described here. The training for literary scholars is organised by the Doctoral School of Arts, Humanities & Law.

Information about the current offer in "specialist courses" and "seminars in transferable skills" can be accessed at:

Lifelong learning

For a broad audience, we set up programmes in lifelong learning (in Dutch):

- In Autumn, we run a programme in contemporary literature. The focus in 2016 is Literature and Sexuality.

- In Spring, we run a programme in historical literature. The focus in 2017 is 'Great Critics'.

More information can be found at