Assistent Spaanstalige letterkunde (100%)


U besteedt minimum 50% van uw opdracht aan wetenschappelijk onderzoek in het kader van de voorbereiding van een doctoraatsproefschrift in de Spaanstalige letterkunde.
U biedt ondersteuning bij het onderwijs van de vakgroep in de Spaanstalige letterkunde, inclusief Cultuurkunde.
U werkt mee aan de interne en externe dienstverlening van de vakgroep.

Praktijkassistent Duitse letterkunde, tijdelijke aanstelling - 20%


U biedt ondersteuning bij het praktijkgericht onderwijs van de vakgroep (organisatie, begeleiding en evaluatie van praktische oefeningen en werkcolleges), in het bijzonder de vakken Duitse letterkunde I en Duitse taalvaardigheid I: literaire teksten;
U begeleidt papers en u beoordeelt onderzoekstaken en masterproeven;
U werkt mee aan de dienstverlening van de vakgroep Letterkunde;
U neemt deel aan onderwijsvergaderingen en -workshops.

PhD position in Italian Studies

The PhD student will work on a specific project under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Teodoro Katinis

Project’s abstract: How are rhetoric and medicine combined in the early modern Italian literature? What role does the vernacular play? Which is the legacy of this literature? This project will contribute to answer to these questions by focusing on the wide-spread literature of Secreti (books of secrets), which was a popular genre of medical texts that peaked in Italy between 1550 and 1600 and aimed at providing the readers of any social class, gender, or age with an encyclopedic compendium of the medical knowledge for self-healing and preservation. These books collect medical remedies to cure any kind of illness and imperfection using also magic, astrology and alchemy. The authors of these texts (Alessio Piemontese, Leonardo Fioravanti and Isabella Cortesi, among others) gather, organize and convey in the vernacular a paramount knowledge on how to defeat epidemies, poisons and other common diseases. The PhD student will study the rhetorical strategies and the use of vernacular in the 16-century books of secrets with a focus on the UGent Library’s collection.

Deadline: February 28th, 2017. This vacancy can be closed earlier, if a qualified candidate is found before the deadline.


The Greek Section of the Departments of Literary Studies and Linguistics at Ghent University (Belgium) is seeking two well-qualified collaborators for the “Database of Byzantine Book Epigrams” (DBBE, They will be part of a team of pre- and postdoctoral scholars within the project “Poetry from the Margins. Literary, linguistic, philological and cultural-historical analysis of a new corpus of Byzantine book epigrams (800-1453)”, related to DBBE. The director of this project is Professor Kristoffel Demoen and the project is generously supported by the Research Fund of Ghent University (within the “Concerted Research Actions” program).

Deadline: February 28, 2018.