GEMS: Atelier with Jürgen Pieters & Ruben Celani

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What Seminarie
When 21-11-2018
from 14:00 till 16:00
Where Faculty Library Arts and Philosophy, Magnel wing, Room “Freddy Mortier”
Organized by GEMS

Jürgen Pieters (UGent): Literature and consolation: fictions of comfort

In my talk, I would like to present the outline of a book project that I have submitted with Edinburgh University Press. I will focus on the conceptual framework of the book, in which I hope to correlate a contemporary concern with the pragmatics of literary reading ('bibliotherapy', and the often voiced idea that books are there to bring comfort) with a historical analysis of this age-old critical topos.

Ruben Celani (UGent): Fashioning Personae in 16th century books of secrets

The production of the so-called books of secrets (collections of recipes on a wide range of technical subjects, but especially on practical medicine) was not a complete novelty to the 16th century Italian book market: but it was only in 1555, with the publication of the Secreti del reverendo Donno Alessio Piemontese, that it became one of the most popular genres in the late Renaissance. One of the factors that undoubtedly contributed to this success was the keen use of rhetorical and marketing strategies: among those, a prominent position has to be assigned to the fashioning of appealing personae. After briefly considering the multiple meanings of this word and its connections with the concept of authority, the talk will focus on which personae were fashioned in the most widespread Italian books of secrets, and especially on the strategies adopted in order to craft them, providing examples from the texts considered.



The GEMS Seminars provide the opportunity to members of our research group and other scholars with an interest in the early modern period to meet and discuss current research issues. There are two categories of these meetings. First there are the Ateliers during which GEMS-members or guests present their research projects, recent publications or ideas for future projects. Who is interested to spotlight his or her current or future research projects during one of these meetings are cordially invited to get in contact with the organization ( Secondly we will have two meetings with specialists of the early modern period who will introduce to you the work of a famous scholar by whom they are inspired in their own scholarly work (Inspired by...). GEMS-members do not need to register for the seminars. Colleagues with an interest in the early modern period who are not a member of GEMS can join us too (after a short notice to:, because of the limited space in the reserved rooms).